Jindo Tracker App
To track Jindo's traits, personality and temperament.

Create a Jindo tracker mobile web application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and MySQL.

My Role
Branding Designer, Mobile App Developer
Sep 2022 - Dec 2022
Visual Studio Code, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, JQuery,
and MySQL.

Why Jindo?


The Jindo dog (진도개, Jindo-gae)  is an indigenous dog native to Jindo Island in South Korea. It is one of South Korea’s Natural Treasures #53. Jindos are extremely intelligent, independent and free-thinking. Sometimes, they are described as escape artists, they are at high risk for becoming lost during one of their adventures.

Project Goal
To track Jindo’s traits, personality and temperament.

Finished Prototype

Please login using "user0" and the password is "pass"

After you opened the browser, please inspect element and set the screen size to a phone screen.

User Flows & General Tasks:
1. Create account (sign up)
2. Add a Jindo (photo, location, and description)
3. View recently added Jindos (edit Jindo’s profile)
4. Edit user’s profile (update photo, name, email, and password)

Brand Guidelines

Coding Process


Final Designs



Track Jindo

Add Jindo


I am very happy with my project because I made a tracking app for Jindo dog fans. During this project, I faced challenges such as learning to code for mobile web apps and using simple and effective design methods. Overcoming these obstacles, I gained valuable experience and discovered how my designs can be turned into programming.